Hanging Valley is a curatorial collective aiming to explore and promote contemporary culture in a variety of locations and experience platforms.

Hanging Valley represents artists from diverse locations, artistic traditions and studio practices.

Hanging Valley produces the UNTOLD series.

UNTOLD is a series of talks by inspiring people in diverse fields — for people who are engaged or interested in the process of ideas that shape our surroundings and experiences.. 

UNTOLD is an adventure for the mind that exists to fuel our curiosity. Audience and speakers will share their knowledge and discoveries to seed new thoughts and ambitions. And that, in its own time, will lead to new blooms or networks.

UNTOLD will bring small groups of people together to talk and listen, to share their intangible capital: knowledge, experience, histories, culture and ideas. Set in an airy, intimate space over exceptional produce, cheeses and wines.

Be sure to register for the full program of speakers and dates. Each gathering will be a unique, thought-provoking event.

Enquiries should be directed to Kade McDonald | 0487 085 846 | art@hangingvalley.com.au

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